Hiring A Qualified Landscaper

Tips on hiring a Landscaper Professional

Looking for a brand new landscape, a few dramatic additions or top notch maintenance of your grounds? Start by selecting a Professional Landscape Contractor. Landscaping adds value to your home, business, and neighborhood. For example the right landscaping can increase the value of your home by 15%, allowing owners to recoup 100% to 200% of their investment. A Landscape Professional can offer you a variety of services, including design, installation, and maintenance of your property, based on your specific needs and requirements. Enlisting the services of a Professional Landscape Maintenance company means protecting your investment in your property, and more importantly, just being able to site back and enjoy your grounds.

Five Steps to Hiring a Qualified Landscape Professional

FEDERAL: Employer I.D. number
STATE: Required Business Sales Tax number
COUNTY: Consumer Affairs License
TOWN: Some local towns & villages require special permits.
INSURANCE: Liability and Workman's compensation.
PEST CONTROL: To control pests professionally by either the conventional method or the new organic method, a New York State certified applicators license and a New York State pesticide business license are required. This means anything other than fertilizer, lime and grass seed. If the company is not licensed in all of the aforementioned and works for you, you could be held liable.
  • Ask how the firm stays on top of industry changes. Ask about membership in state and local association ie. Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners Association, Arborist Assoc., Cornell Cooperative Extension, etc. Association membership means the company is taking steps to stay current and informed.
  • Make sure the company is capable of doing the job you want done, has the right equipment, etc. Make sure you and the Landscape Professional understand exactly what is to be done, price and time table, both of work and payment. Do not leave room for misunderstanding, be specific, do not assume anything.
  • Ask for references. Make sure the firm is trustworthy and will follow through with the work to be done. Hopefully, when you hire a Landscape Professional, especially for maintenance, it is for a long term relationship.
    When hiring a landscape professional, remember to look for quality, value, expertise, and service, not just a rock bottom price.
  2. Ask if the company is fully licensed to operate a business. Licenses required:

Your landscaping is a place for you to relax and enjoy. It is an investment which increases the value of your property.

Not fully licensed?
You could be liable.

Not fully insured?
You could be liable.

Not knowledgeable and prepared?
You could suffer.

The lowest bottom line is not always the least expensive.

Look for the Landscape & Grounds Professional who displays
the Nassau Suffolk Landscape Gardeners Association logo.