Organic tree and shrub care

Organic Tree and Shrub Care

Why should you use an organic approach? Here are a few reasons:

Your Family's health

According to the American Cancer Society and the EPA, 95% of the pesticides used on residential lawns are considered possible or probable carcinogens

With all the problems associated with synthetic chemical, it makes sense to use the least amount possible, if any at all. Our programs focus on improving plant health so that the need for chemicals is greatly reduced or eliminated.

Your Plant's health

Chemical programs focus on sickness. First they encourage lush growth, which can make the plants more susceptible to pest problems, and then they apply chemicals to solve the pest problems. These chemical sprays can weaken or kill beneficial organisms in addition to killing the target pests. When the pests return, they find a weakened plant and weakened predators. That's when companies apply more chemicals. It's a downward spiral

The Good Nature System focuses on plant health, not sickness. Using organic materials helps to increase your plants natural defense system, making chemical treatments less necessary. Our material works with…not against nature. If a pest does get out of hand, we will recommend a biologically and environmentally responsible approach.

Natural Tree Care Rules

  1. Never feed trees a chemical fertilizer.
  2. Trees require regular watering. Use a drip system whenever possible. Avoid watering trunk of tree, trees love slow deep watering.
  3. Always use filtered or solarized or well water. Never use straight city water as it may contain chlorine or some other chemical that can poison the trees.
  4. Allow time for trees to Heal. The bigger the tree, the longer it will take to Heal.
  5. Raise the energy level of the tree thru the addition of compost rich in trace minerals and bacteria. Trees love rock Dust.
  6. Know the law of cause and effect. Control the cause and you control the effects. Trees with high energy levels are not attacked by pests.
  7. Don't cut down trees.
  8. Learn your trees. Plant only trees that will grow in your area. Give your favorite tree a name.
  9. Protect trees from dogs. Dog urine is very acidic and will injure the tree's root system.
  10. Cultivate the soil regularly. The soil will get packed so that water and air may not reach the roots. While you do not need to turn the soil over, it would be good to use a pointed tool to punch a hole into the ground at least 1 or 2 feet deep. This will allow air to reach down as well as by placing compost into it, also allow nutrition to reach root systems. Tree vents are excellent for this use.
  11. Mulch. Provide plenty of mulch.
  12. Protect trees from people.
  13. Do not poison the soil. Avoid spilling gasoline, paint, salt etc.
  14. Remove any tight wire supports as this will strangle the tree as it
  15. Plant ground covers. They make a great living mulch which conserves water.

Ace hopes this helps!