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sod installation

Sod Installation

Step 1
Rough Grade - Remove all debris, brush and other undesired vegetation prior to grading. Existing grass, weeds and groundcovers can be killed and then rototilled into the soil [Step 6].

Step 2
Locate buried utilities.

Step 3
If desired, install an irrigation system at this point. The system should be designed by an irrigation specialist and installed according to design specifications.

Step 4
Soil Test - Ace can perform a pH and soluble salts test locally. We can interpret the test results and make the appropriate recommendations.

Step 5
Uniformly apply dolomite [or lime] and/or fertilizer according to test results or recommendations from your local Cooperative Extension Service Office. [Do not apply lime or dolomite, however, unless the need for this is indicated by a soil test.

Step 6
Rototill - Rototilling loosens compacted soil and improves the speed of rooting and knitting down of sod. Till as deeply as possible [6 - 12 inches deep], making sure to avoid damaging any irrigation or utility lines.

Step 7
Level and smooth grade as necessary.

Step 8
Thoroughly water the planting area prior to laying sod.

Step 9
Buy top quality sod and lay it as early in the day as possible to avoid soil and sod heat buildup. Sod should not stay on the pallet longer than two days after cutting. Make sure that sod pieces butt up to each other and do not overlap.

Step 10
Thoroughly water the freshly laid sod and roll with a lightweight roller to ensure firm contact between the sod and the underlying soil.

Step 11
Water the new sod daily or as needed, depending on weather, for the first week or two, until it is firmly rooted and capable of surviving with less frequent but deeper watering. After 6 - 8 weeks the sod should be able to thrive with only weekly irrigation or heavy rainfall.

*$1.50 per square foot as outlined above, $1.00 if no top soil or roller tilling soil is performed. Fees do not include removal of old grass or preparation of work area.