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Cytisus Lena

Cheerful dark-yellow, pea-like flowers with bright-red margins in late-spring and early-summer and dark-green leaves. This small, spreading shrub is ideal for a sunny, well-drained border. Perfect for the smaller garden, to maintain the plant's compact habit prune reduce the flowered stems by a half each year in midsummer.

Cytisus Lena is a vigorous yet compact, upright shrub. Fully hardy. Has tiny leaves along downy stems. In late spring bears red/yellow pea flowers. Is good for a bank or large rock garden. Requires full sun and well drained soil. Ultimate Height is 1.2 meters after 10 years.

Another bonus are the abundant sprays of fragrant lemon-yellow blooms with ruby-red wings cover slender green stems. Tiny leaves are inconspicuous. Dense clumps make interesting hedge, divider or screen.