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Ace is professionally recognized in the landscaping industry, providing services that enhance our community through higher standards of quality, service, professionalism, value and honesty.

Ace has always been a customer-oriented firm. Today our company has expanded throughout Nassau and Queens county and is proud to be working with many reputable firms like Essco, Lesco, Cimatoes nursery and Ebehart Nursery, to bring you the best possible service and product available.

Consider the impact of an Ace landscape that announces that this is a place of quality to all who see it. We are members of different associations so that we can educate ourselves and provide better services and products.

Clients and customers appreciate the "Curb appeal" of a well kept property. A beautified work environment has been proven to increase employee productivity and gives them a greater feeling for the workplace and a favorable attitude.

At home, at work, and play, Ace is affecting people's lives in a positive way. Our best advertisements for over the past several years have been commercial properties, and the residential homes we maintain on a weekly basis. We want to give every one of our customers a piece of mind when it comes to their landscaping needs.

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Landscape Maintenance

Ace offers full service landscape maintenance to offices and anyone who demands only the best the industry has to offer. Read More

Tree And Shrub Care

As the premier provider of arboricultural services, Ace is the most trusted name in healthy trees and shrubs. Read More


Hard-scape - The part of a building's grounds consisting of structures, such as patios, retaining walls, and walkways, made with hard materials.Read More

Warranty & Service Program

I am so confident you will be pleased with our work, we offer the following warranty on all of our products, services and labor.Read More


Owners Messaage Dear Customers, Friends and Neighbors

As the owner I would like to welcome you to the Ace Landscaping Services Inc. website and reassure you that you are about to make the right decision in your quest to find a full service company that suits all your landscaping needs.

This company stands for integrity, vision, dedication, and prestige. We will support you in every way possible as you experience what a real service company is all about in Nassau and Queens County.

As you work through this site, I will introduce you to the good, honest and hard working people working toward one goal, which is taking care of you because we know that if we don't take care of you someone else will. You will see for yourself why we are in business today!

I am pleased to introduce you to Ace, a company I have been apart of since March 2001. Beyond quality of services, our firm provides you with a solid foundation for all your service needs, from landscaping to cleaning, from courier to construction. I am a licensed in pesticide application and I have landscape designers nearby to assist you in all your landscape and service needs. If I can't fulfill your request, I will put you in contact with another licensed contractor.

Ace stands out from our competitors, because we are a customer approved service company. I don't know if we are the best company in the industry, but I do know that we are for sure one of the better ones and no one works harder to fulfill customer needs.

With your assistance Ace will become a household name that stands for quality and value. We continue to develop relationships with our customers as well as our suppliers and are committed to them every step of the way.

Our mission is to provide the best possible services and product for our customers. We realize success is based on loyalty to customers, suppliers and staff. We at Ace know that your satisfaction is my road to success.

Thank you and God Bless our Troops,

Owner of Ace Landscaping Services, Inc.

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Codes of ethics - We take pride in our strong moral and ethical practices; as such we will

  • Abide by all federal, provincial, and local laws and regulations governing the municipalities in which we live, and do business within.
  • Observe basic principals of ethics, morality and sound judgments in order to uphold our professionalism and the goals of this firm so not to bring dishonor to our profession, or our company.
  • Provide customers with the ultimate in customer service through quality of work, and other goods and services delivered.
  • Maintain a high degree of integrity and professionalism in dealing with customers, employees, and other contractors in our industry.
  • Promote and advertise our products and services with honesty and accurately.
  • Compensate employees, contractors, and other forms of employment justly and fairly without prejudice.
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