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Leyland Cypresses

Form a living wall with your new fragrant Leyland Cypress Trees.

Leyland Cypresses have thick foliage, that can block out roads and neighbors, which makes it a popular choice for privacy screens and windbreaks.

Its foliage is also feathery and soft, giving you a delicate texture. Pretty when planted in groupings.

A rapid grower (3-4 feet per year) that can be easily maintained to your desired height through minimal pruning. Very easy to trim.

Matures to a majestic pyramidal shape grows great in Growing Zones 6-10. Grows in all southern states!

Leyland Cypress trees are always in high demand because they are fast growers and are very adaptable to a variety of soils and conditions. Drought tolerant, and grows well in the sun or shade!

This evergreen keeps its soft, attractive foliage stays green all year, giving you a great barrier tree 12 months out of the year.