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Rosy Glow Barberry

Rose Glow Barberry is a handsome, compact, rounded shrub with outstanding foliage color all season. New growth is rosy-pink with deep purple splotches becoming deep, reddish-purple when mature. Makes superb accent plant, low hedge or rock garden plant. Other Barberry colors run from deep green in Emerald Carousel Barberry to yellow in a Golden Carousel Barberry. The Crimson Pigmy Barberry grows to only two feet.

Foliage has lovely, rose-pink mottled splotches. New growth is exceptionally red. Deciduous shrub.

  • Light: Plant in full sun to achieve best color.
  • Growth: Densely branched form grows to 3' tall with a spread of 2-3'.
  • Uses: Rugged low hedge or use as an accent specimen.
  • Tips: Adaptable to many soil conditions. Prefers full sun or light shade.
  • small to medium deciduous shrub
  • dark, red leaves are marbled with white variegation
  • very low maitenance shrub
  • full sun to part sun; grows 2-4' tall X 2-4' wide