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Verdoni Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

The Verdoni Dwarf Hinoki makes a charming addition to any miniature setting. The dense golden-yellow tips of the foliage gradually changes to green towards the center of the shrub. The growth is upright and spreads out with time. The 'Verdoni' is similar to the 'Nana Lutea' but faster growing and less prone to scorch in full sun.

They are use to extreme heat and humidity in their natural environments and are not as happy in dry, cold climates as they resent the freezing winter winds and the spring frost. Hinokis can tolerate part shade and do well in full sun, making them a versatile plant for the hobbyist. Ideal in containers they prefer moist, but not waterlogged soil and can tolerate drought better than any other Chamaecyparis species. Native to Taiwan and Japan.