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Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

Weeping blue Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula') is a weeping evergreen. This superb ornamental tree can be grown in zones 6-9. Pendant limbs drip with icy-blue needles. This slow grower prefers full sun and is drought-tolerant.

It's difficult to provide dimensions for weeping blue Atlas cedar. It really depends on what you do with it. If you stake it, you can train weeping blue Atlas cedar to grow 10'-12' high, from which height it will cascade down. But if you don't stake it, the plant will look like an amorphous blob bubbling over the landscape. Weeping blue Atlas cedar will grow about 1' per year. Like weeping blue Alaskan cedar, this tree's powder-blue foliage provides year-round visual interest.

Family - Pinaceae

Size - Variable, needs to be staked and trained, other wise it can ramble in to about any imaginable form in about any direction. One I have on campus I am training to a height of about 12 feet and then will let it spill over and cascade. A growth rate of 1 to 1 1/2 feet per year could be expected.

Foliage - Evergreen conifer, powdery to silvery blue. Pests and Diseases - None of any importance or threat, in my experience. This is one plant that I've always wanted to get to a nice size but it always seems to avoid me. The only pest that I've encountered were some individuals that vandalized one on campus about 4 years ago by ripping the plant out of the ground and stealing the 4x4 it was staked to. The plant was 8 feet tall or more at the time. Others I planted have just dropped dead. The current one, while only up to about 6 feet is growing great and very healthy...it's located near a roadway on campus though. (Three months after writing this, school has started back and what else ...within a week of the fall semester starting the stakes have been ripped out of the ground. The plant still exists though.)

Landscape Use - Specimen, must be trained to develop a central leader to get the effect. A very worthwhile plant to acquire if you invest the time into training it. A well developed, older, Weeping Blue Atlas will be the envy of your neighbors and gardening friends everywhere. Can be trained to the height that fits the scale of your garden.the height that fits the scale of your garden.