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More ACE Tips and Techniques - 'Cement'

Cement is a material used for bonding other materials together, and as a binder in concrete. The term cement is most commonly used to refer more specifically to powdered materials which develop strong adhesive qualities when combined with water. These materials are more properly known as hydraulic cements. Portland cement is by far the most common and most important hydraulic cement in modern construction. Gypsum plaster and common lime are not hydraulic cements. Concrete is comprised of cement, mineral aggregate (gravel and sand), and other minor additives. Mortar is primarily composed of cement, lime, and sand. Grout is comprised of cement, and water, and sometimes contains fine sand and other additives.

Portland cement is made primarily from limestone, certain clay minerals, and gypsum, in a process that drives off carbonates and chemically alters the composition of the primary ingredients.

$7.00 SQUARE FOOT FOR DRIVEWAYS, PATIO; WALKWAYS OR CEMENT SIDEWALK FLAGS $150.00 PER PC, IF OVER 10 PCS $125.00. FOUNDATION FOOTING $20.00 PER SQ FOOT (price depends on the size of job and condition of work area)